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Statement from Payton Corbett

A few recent news story and some anonymous FB profiles have highlighted some crass jokes I made in social media posts years ago. While I was raised in a very liberal household and had a network of family and friends that was very diverse, that didn't make me perfectly sensitive. We spend our whole lives improving and learning how to be better people.  Over the years through my work with Labor and activism, I've come to realize that being a working class straight white man in our society gives me a certain privilege. I was often oblivious to how problematic it was for me to joke about issues of gender, race, sexuality and so on. Now with the benefit of hindsight, I definitely regret making those insensitive and ignorant remarks and I apologize to those hurt by them.  I am proud that Somerville is a Sanctuary City. I believe that Black Lives Matter. And I know that today's working class is black and white, women and men, gay and straight, recent immigrants and those who have been here longer- all of us fighting to afford to stay in Somerville. I do regret those remarks and I apologize for them. I hope that you will support me and build a better city.  Joe Curtatone and his political appointees and cronies are attacking me because they're scared. My grassroots campaign has become a viable alternative to his unchecked power and developer-focused administration. I want to focus on the issues facing Somerville - and while I won't hide the past, I won't be bogged down by it either.

Tenant Right of First Refusal

Our communities are under assault from rising rents, condo conversions, and luxury redevelopment. Our friends and neighbors are being displaced and we need better protections for working families. We need to create REAL pathways to homeownership for middle and lower income families.  Continue reading

Thank you to Politica Entre Amigos for having me!

Thank you to Jaun Lopez for sitting down with me on Politica Entre Amigos last night. We spoke about a lot of the issues affecting working families and seniors in Somerville.     Continue reading

A Somerville Uprising: New Our Revolution Group Challenges City’s Old Guard

This fall, Our Revolution Somerville (ORS) has united behind a slate of Bernie Sanders-inspired candidates to challenge Somerville’s political establishment. Win or lose, the 2017 municipal election promises to be the most exciting in recent memory. Most of the endorsed candidates arise from the community’s widespread sense of betrayal due to Mayor Joe Curtatone’s pro-developer, pro-business policies that have made it increasingly hard for longtime residents to find jobs or remain in the city.[1] Continue reading

National Night Out

A very busy evening last night! After the GBLC endorsement meeting in Dorchester, it was back to Somerville where I caught the end of National Night Out at Foss Park. I'm happy I still had some time left in the night to make it over to Boston Pipe on First Ave. to support my brothers and sisters from Local 25 on the picket line.

Greater Boston Labor Council Endorsement.

  Last night I had the privilege to speak before the delegates of the Greater Boston Labor Council and ask for their endorsement. This group takes great consideration when endorsing candidates. Going in I was confident in myself, but felt my chances may not be that great due to the politically charged environment we live in. However with the support of true trade unionists in the room, brothers and sisters who put solidarity and the labor movement at large before politics and pragmatism, I'm proud to say that I received the endorsement!