Payton Corbett for Mayor
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About Payton Corbett's Campaign for Mayor of Somerville


Payton Corbett is running for Mayor because city government should work for all of Somerville’s residents – not just the select few insiders. He knows that our city is facing tough challenges, and he’s ready to act boldly to ensure that Somerville’s working families aren’t left behind.

The son of a truck driver and a nurse, service to others runs through Payton's family. His mother worked as a hospice nurse for nearly 30 years, caring for patients in their final days. His father, a truck driver, was active in little league baseball and other youth sports, helping kids stay out of trouble and teaching teamwork. His sister Erin works as a social worker for a youth services department, and his sister Tara is a youth worker on Nantucket.

IMG_3058.JPGComing from a working class family, he knows the power that ordinary working people have when they stand together and use their collective voice to fight for justice.  He has been a union member his entire adult life, and as an elected leader of the Teamsters Union and a community activist, Payton understands the issues working class families face in the city. He will be a mayor for all the people of Somerville.

Payton played a key role in negotiations between Teamsters Local 122 and Anheuser-Busch in securing a five-year collective bargaining agreement that protected and properly compensates workers at the world’s largest brewing company.

With Somerville families facing some of the most serious challenges they have seen in decades, it’s time for a mayor who stands up for working families. Increasing income inequality, skyrocketing rents and home prices, unsustainable tax burdens on working families and seniors, are putting Somerville out of reach for too many of our neighbors - the very people who contributed to making our city such a desirable place to live, work and raise a family.

Somerville needs to make a concrete plan to ensure that working families can afford to live here.  Payton will work to create a pathway to home ownership for middle and low income residents. Payton knows this is a reasonable and attainable goal – but it won’t be realized by encouraging connected Big Developers to build luxury housing on every street corner.

FullSizeRender.jpgContinuing on the path we are on will lead to a Somerville of just rich people and poor people, and it will rob our city of the character and vibrancy that has defined its 175-year history.

Communities all over this country have found innovative and progressive ways to deal with the housing crisis. New leaders can find developers, investors, and non profits, who want to be good partners with this community. 

Because well-connected Big Developers are given free reign in displacing longtime residents and small businesses, Payton is refusing any campaign contributions from developers. Because Big Money poisons our political system, he will work to implement real campaign finance reform at the local level that Mayor Curtatone has blocked during his tenure. 

As Mayor, Payton will work to provide tax relief to seniors on fixed incomes who are struggling to keep up with their ever-increasing tax burden. He will demand that the big corporations and so-called non-profits who do business here pay their fair share.

A Payton Corbett administration will treat our hardest working city employees with the respect they deserve.  Morale among city employees is at an all-time low. They have to had fight tooth and nail over the last decade to win fair wages. Five out of our six of municipal unions are without contracts, and many workers are paid 12 - 16% below workers in other comparable cities. 


Meanwhile, the Mayor, his allies, and his political appointees have received hefty raises. Mayor Curtatone’s salary has increased by $55,000 in the last decade. If our administration claims it can’t afford to to pay our hard working unionized employees a decent wage, they shouldn’t be able to greatly increase their salary.

As a leader on the shop floor and an organizer, Payton knows how to bring people together while finding creative solutions that work for everyone. He understands the issues working class families face in the city.

Payton works as a Truck Driver & Warehouseman for Anheuser-Busch. He and his wife, Jenny live in East Somerville and enjoy live music of all types and traveling. Two of their favorite destinations are Ireland and Spain. 

To contact Payton, send him an email by clicking here.

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  • commented 2017-08-31 17:08:02 -0400
    What I see so far interests me, but I’d like to see your positions on some other issues.
  • commented 2017-08-21 22:20:28 -0400
    I don’t know you but you come from a good hard working family. I see your family gives back , I like selflessness. It will be an extreme difference from what this city has been going through , if you are elected. My Dad was was a truck driver my Mom was a waitress who put herself through school . Hard work and determination she became the boss of the place she started as Secretary. … I see you becoming this beacon of hope for the city of Somerville. … Good Luck and God Bless ….